A funny thing’s happening in the land of opportunity. Fixed is fluid. Solid is shifting. And suddenly the future belongs to the guys that stay in the moment. Loose, flexible, and able to find the levity.

And levity, as it happens, is our legacy. It was Perry Ellis' philosophy, both as a designer and a man. He was an innovator. A trailblazer. A man who wasn't afraid to fly by the seat of his pants. From the day he launched his first line in 1976, he made fashion meaningful simply by not taking it so seriously. By believing that clothes should be fun. Following only what he felt right. Following his gut. Never settling for what was expected. Choosing optimism. Laughing it off. And in doing so he redefined an industry... and introduced much-needed wit.

It's a bright new day. Risk takers are rewarded. It's better these days to make waves than to go with the flow. It's a time to defy convention. There's never been a better moment to pick your pattern... and pave your own road.

There's never been a better moment to be... Very Perry Ellis.

  • Travel luggage
  • Backpacks
  • Duffels
  • Business cases